What service does the model provide?

Confidential Company models are companions who can welcome you and relax you during your business trip, city trip or holiday. We offer the rare opportunity of mutually beneficial relationships, temporary girlfriend encounters and deep connections without jealousy and consequences. All of our courtesans provide a sensual Girlfriend Experience with an emphasis on quality. Any money paid is for the time and companionship only, everything else that may occur is a matter of choice between consenting adults.

Are the pictures shown genuine?

Yes, Confidential Company can assure you that all pictures are real and reflect the appearance of the model in real life. Confidential Company always meet personally with a model before representing her.

Can I contact the model directly?

No you cannot. We take care of all communication outside of the meeting. One of the reasons why our escorts have chosen to be represented by an agency as opposed to being independent escorts, is because they simply do not have the time or the desire to arrange appointments themselves. Confidential Company understands that if you have made a booking, especially for a long term engagement, you might have several questions to be sure the model you have chosen is the right one. In that case, please do not be afraid to ask us for further personal assistance.

Can I ask a model to see me without representation of the agency?

All ladies represented by us have made a conscious decision to be represented by an agency. Please refrain from asking your courtesan to meet you without our mediation - it's considered rude as it shows little respect for her decision, and for us as an agency. 

What are the models rates?

Each model has her rates on her personal page. Some models have not published their fees on their personal page, in that case please contact us to receive more information.

Are the rates negotiable?

All rates on our website are strictly non-negotiable. Bookings with couples may attract an additional cost. This depends on the individual girl, as many of our escorts are happy to see couples at no extra charge.

What kind of payment is accepted?

We accept payments made in cash and via bank transfer. When paying in cash, all fees must be paid directly to the courtesan within the first 10 minutes of the booking in either Pounds Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. Please advise the receptionist at the time of booking of our chosen currency. Please note that payments in foreign currencies can be subject to surcharge. We would suggest you to have the money ready for your courtesan in an unsealed envelope and give it to her upon arrival. Please encourage her to check it in front of you. That way you can both be sure that it is correct. Payment through bank transfer has to be taken care of at least one day before your meeting is to take place.

Do I have to pay travel expenses?

The outcall fee covers the ladies time as she is travelling to you. Cab fare is still required by the lady to cover her taxi costs. When it comes to travelling abroad, costs will vary depending on whether the destination can be travelled by train or airplane.

How do I make a booking and how much notice is required?

If you have a specific courtesan in mind and you would like to meet her, then please contact us so we can inform you about the model’s conditions, in order to arrange a meeting. Some models can arrange their agenda within a few hours, others need to have an advance notice of 1 or 2 days, so it is always wise to book a meeting at least a few days in advance.

If I make an email booking do I still have to call you?

On receiving the details of your reservation, we will contact the companion of your choice to arrange your meeting. We will then use the contact details provided by you to inform you of availability. At this time, we would ask you to call us on the number provided to confirm, as without this the booking will NOT be deemed valid. When you do call, we will be happy to discuss the chosen escort's personality and services in depth. If you then feel that your initial choice is unsuitable, we will do our best to recommend another lady who should be ideal. We would also be grateful if you could note that ALL bookings will be subject to CONFIRMATION by telephone before a predetermined deadline ON THE DAY. Failure to confirm on time may mean a booking will not be honoured.

Do you arrange international bookings?

Of course we do! Just remember that for international bookings, we require a down payment of the full travel expenses plus 50% of the model’s fee before we book tickets and make further arrangements. The remaining fee must be deposited at least three days before the actual appointment. All international bookings require a minimum 12 hours stay, unless the model is based within a short distance of your location and no flights are required.

If I don't like the girl what can I do?

Sometimes people just don't click. So if you are unhappy with your chosen companion you are not obliged to stay in her company. If you decide to cancel the booking, you must do so within the first ten minutes of the booking. In the unlikely event this occurs, we ask you to at least compensate the lady for her travelling time and expenses.