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Take your time and explore the courtesans in our Models Gallery. Most models will have images and a profile description on their page to help you make the best selection for your current needs.


When you are ready to take a tour, please click on “Become A Member” to request a Password and Log-In to unlock full access to the Models Galleries. By becoming a free member you will be able to view the models complete photo albums and receive regular newsletters about new models and special offers.


Once you have selected one of our models and you would like to meet her, simply contact us by phone to start making the arrangements. We will then arrange for the courtesan to arrive discreetly at the desired time and location.


As our models have professional careers with busy daily schedules, it is always wise to make a booking at least a few days in advance. That way we are able to make all the necessary arrangements for you to have an ideal meeting.


Confidential Company offers company with class, and just like all quality things in life, this comes with a certain price. The premium service our courtesans provide is solely out-call: they visit you either at your private residence or at any 4 or more star hotels.


We only accept payments made in cash or via bank transfer. When paying in cash, we kindly ask you to have the money ready in an unsealed envelope and give it to your companion upon arrival. Please encourage her to take a glimpse in the envelope, to ensure that the amount is correct. This shows your consideration and sincerity and will allow you to enjoy your time together worry free.


Don’t worry when your escort calls us when she arrives, this is just to let us know she has arrived safely and on time.


Your escort won’t dash off when you have time left, but if you are enjoying yourself and you would like to extend your appointment during your date, please let your companion know and she will then inform us. This is customary and is done to guarantee her safety at all times.


At any step you will of course receive the highest level of discretion. We are perfectionists in everything we do and that service can only be guaranteed with the proper planning.